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Who We Are

Mother Nature Designs was founded by our President, Owner and Designer, Mallory McGinnis. Mallory began her journey of landscaping when she was just a child, at the age of 12 years old. Mallory was passionately tending to her garden while the other kids were riding bikes or playing tag. She started her first lawn maintenance business in her neighborhood at 14 years old with flyers and a 1984 John Deere mower Mallory and her father restored.

The Founder got into the industry professionally in 2006 with a local landscape company. Right away she was recognized for her passionate horticulture knowledge and eye for design. She became lead designer for 9 years. 

Mallory always had a dream of becoming an entrepreneur and after a total of 12 professional years of landscaping with local companies she decided it was time to follow her dreams and go out on her own. 

Now, Mallory McGinnis, backed with hands-on experience since childhood, is the Owner of Mother Nature Designs. We work to give people a vision of their new outdoor scenery before any dirt is ever moved. That way, our clients know what they are getting before they pay for the installation. We do that with the use of high-tech computerized 3-D renderings of the new outdoor living space on residential or commercial properties.


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Mother Nature Designs

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

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