Landscape Master Plan

Do you appreciate houses with a well-kept lawns and their flowerbeds bursting with springtime blooms that seem to last all four seasons? Are you bothered with landscape unsightly mess, causing embarrassment?

If yes is the answer, then we are alike, Oh I hate landscape that is a total mess and does not blend with the surroundings. Perhaps it is a chore you’ve attempted to deal with, but have had no gratifying outcome. Don’t continue to attempt those do-it-yourself projects unsuccessfully. It is time to contact a professional landscaping company to help you plan and create the Landscape Master Plan so you can have a professional landscape install or a guided Do-It-Yourself to make the right choices.

Yes, let’s talk about the Landscape Master Plan.

What is a Landscape Master Plan?

Your Landscape Master Plan may include hardscape features, such as walls, a pond, or a fountain. Perhaps you envision a winding path through a backyard strewn with blossoming flowers, rock gardens, and large shade trees.

Master Plan can be designed and installed in stages if necessary. Some certain points that should be taken into consideration includes:

  • The design and layout of your home reflects your needs, personality, and tastes. In most cases, the exterior style of your home indicates who you are. The installation of an inappropriate landscape can be a long lasting mistake or a costly error to correct. Hardscape features and landscaping should be appropriate for the style of your home.
  • You should have a proper soil and drainage. If you own a relatively new home, your soil quality may not support the plant life necessary to beautify your landscape. Soil amendments easily correct your soil. This important correction should be in place before you begin planting valuable plant material, such as shade trees.
  • If you’ll want to use healthy plants for long-lasting curb appeal from your newly installed materials. There should be fully-stocked, on-premises nursery specializes in quality plants, shrubs, and trees.
  • The design of the Landscape master plan should provide unique landscaping within the parameters of Homeowners Association guidelines. Make sure it looks unique and avoiding that cookie cutter appearance where your yard looks like half of the others on your street. Plan and design with professionals to avoid this look of duplication.
  • The best thing of all that should be considered is your vision of what you want in your outdoor living environment. Be prepared to relay your wishes before we get started on your blueprint.

Landscape design is an art that uses the principles of simplicity, good scale, balance, sequence, and focalization. These principles are the guidelines in designing each outdoor feature, whether it’s patio, stone walkway/pathway, a flower garden, or a shrub border. Every detail matters which is why it is critical to have the master plan to effectively and efficiently get the job done.

In improving your landscape, your outdoor living space, a landscape master plan is essential. A Landscape Architect creates a master plan by working with you to understand your goals for the space and how you want to live in it.

Goals should be analyzed and parameters of the site should be researched thoroughly. This helps determine the optimum solutions in advance of actual execution.

A landscape master plan ensures continuity throughout the project. Master planning allows you a practical approach to construction sequencing and phasing, and gives you a better understanding of the costs and maintenance you will need for your landscape.

Landscaping may sound easy and simple thing to do but if you are not careful, a total mess may be the outcome of your landscape without a well planned design master plan. I hope this blog have given you ideas on Landscape Master Planning. I want to know about your thoughts and suggestions.