French Drain

Drainage Solutions: Drainage is an essential aspect of landscape design. Oftentimes, landscape designers can utilize the landscape itself in order to assist in evacuating ground and surface water before an excess of it can damage the landscape or existing buildings. Two types of drainage systems, which are frequently confused for one another, are Channel and French drains. Utilizing these graphics may help you in clearing up any confusion!

A French Drain is a trench filled with gravel or rock, containing a perforated pipe.

In order to create a French drain a trench must first be excavated into the soil. Next, a perforated pipe is inserted into the trench along with rock or gravel covering it, and finally, a layer of topsoil covers the gravel in order to camouflage the trench. French drains redirect surface and groundwater away from an area in order to prevent ground and surface water from penetrating building foundations and causing damage.