How to Make the Lawn Get the Festive Yuletide Season

Yuletide Season is the season of getting together and spending time with the people you love, family, and long-time friends. This is where you almost celebrate every day by going to parties or to other events.

For a simple celebration and few people to invite, it is best to spend the yuletide celebrations at home if you have space and time to prepare for everything. If you’ve got space like the wide lawn or backyard or nice patio, then it is a perfect venue to celebrate the reunion.

The favorite place to spend the day is having the party on is the lawn. The touch of nature around you and the open-air contribute a lot to the ambiance of the party. Here are my tips as a landscaper to make your lawn look festive this yuletide season:

You need to set the festive spirit right from the road to your doorstep. Yes, we’re talking about lawns here. Christmas lawn decorations aren’t just about inflatable characters and yard signs. There are many different ways to decorate your lawn without shoving Christmas spirit down your neighbor’s throat.

Inflatable or Topiaries

  • Inflatable characters and yard signs that blend with the Christmas spirit would be a perfect holiday decoration to your lawn. Most especially if you have children coming over to the party.
  • On the other hand, there are many kinds of topiary ideas to put on the lawn e.g. snowman topiary that never go out of style, no matter what.
  • Tall topiary ornaments are a good option that can also be used to enhance the beauty of your lawn. It will make an excellent alternative to animal topiary and snowmen.
  • Another option would be placing a reindeer topiary. Make sure that your topiaries are well lit that the beauty of the topiary is enhanced and fits the decorating style.

Put a Sled

  • Put a sled that is just the right size to the place. Make sure that the sled is filled with gifts at night and wrap with lights as well. This is a classic idea that never gets old with time. Children will be surprised and might even think that Santa has come to their house.

Bring on the Christmas Tree

  • The Christmas Tree is the focal point of the yuletide season. You may go for a fake or a real tree. But remember to stick with the theme in decorating the Christmas Tree. Design around a theme before choosing your decorations sets the tone for your materials and gives you a clear idea of how to decorate your tree.
  • Start with the lights first and continue wrapping the lights evenly around the branches nearest to the trunk, and then weave it upwards from the middle of the crown. Fluff and shape the branches of the Christmas tree would help make your Christmas tree look fuller and more natural. Separate each branch and bend individual branches to fill in gaps

Dress Them Up!

The mailbox, the lamp post, the planters are some of the few things that stay outside your house. Dress them up according to your theme. They will add flavors to the yuletide season.

Start a Tradition of Christmas Village

The creation of a mini Christmas village would be a great addition to your holiday decorations. Creating a Christmas village as one of your holiday decorations are as easy as 1, 2, 3.

First you have to determine the size of your village. Then, choose a theme that you want for your Christmas village. There are many varieties of themes for Christmas villages e.g. Victorian Christmas Village, whimsical elf Christmas Village or Winter in the woods. It is great to have a village map so it will be easier to place the decorations.

These are just a few tips on your holiday decorations. So turn your lawn into a gorgeous display this Christmas season. If you plan to decorate your home and looking for professional help, contact Mother Nature Designs. They will help you turn your lawn into a haven of Christmas.