Drainage Solutions: Pop-Ups

A Pop-Up is a drain solution that is often utilized in landscape design. Pop-Ups connect to a drain spout. In order to prevent water pooling, and potentially damaging a building foundation, the water is diverted into a pop-up, which opens and disperses water away from a selected area. Pop-Ups only open from water pressure, so no debris can enter into the emitter. We recommend using pop-ups as they are not at risk of becoming clogged with litter. In order to risk water freezing the pop-up, most pop-ups have a drain in the bottom to eliminate standing water.

Drainage is an essential aspect of landscape design. Oftentimes, landscape designers can utilize the landscape itself in order to assist in evacuating ground and surface water before an excess of it can damage the landscape or existing buildings. Two types of drainage systems, which are frequently confused for one another, are Channel and French drains. Utilizing these graphics may help you in clearing up any confusion!